Breaking The Boesky-milliken Syndrome - Money (5 of 9) by Jim Henry

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Jim Henry, Pastor
First Baptist Church Of Orlando
3701 L. B. McLeod Road
Orlando, Florida 32805-6691


Proverbs 11:24
Print 262, CT 811061

Most of us were somewhat shocked a few months ago when a man
by the name of Ivan Boesky was accused of insider trading on the
Wall Street Market. That revelation shook the financial markets
of the world. Millions of dollars were involved. Not too long
after that a man by the name of Milliken was accused of the same
thing. Within a matter of months, the people of this country,
the investors, those who deal with stocks, those who look at
banking, the whole ramification of economics was shaken to its
foundations by the fact that some dealing in the matter of trust
and ethics had violated that to such an extent that millions upon
millions of dollars were affected and it shook the financial
empires of the world.
The Boesky-Milliken syndrome is not uncommon. In fact it is
becoming more common. A recent newscast was talking about how
some of the universities and some of the more prestigious schools
are now offering courses on ethics. See, you can't live very
long and get away from what God's Word has to say. Though we
might make many regulations and come up with many title laws that
change things, ultimately it will boil down to individuals
responding rightly concerning money.
Boesky-Milliken, I suppose, and I don't know them personally
except what I have read about them, somehow were driven by
something called money which had spilled over into greed. That
is something that we all have to live with. We don't have to be
Boesky, or Milliken. It is Joe and Tom, and Betty, and Sue, and
Ann, and Amy, and Phil - all of us live in an area where we have
to deal realistically with the very real thing of money. And do
it right and not be gripped by greed.
Tony Campola has said, "We live in an age where people are
willing to take two jo ...

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