What To Do While Trying To Save Your Troubled Marriage by Jim Henry

Jim Henry, Pastor
First Baptist Church of Orlando
3701 L. B. McLeod Road
Orlando, Florida 32805-6691

Hosea 1-3
Print 256, CT 803061

A woman had waited for a long time to be married. Longer
than usual. At last that worderful day came and she and her
husband to be stood before the preacher and he said, "Do you
take this man for better or worse?" And she said, "Just as he
is, just as he is. If he gets any better the Lord will take
him and if he gets any worse, I'll straighten him out."
Sometimes marriages do get worse. Surely no one enters
into it thinking it will get worse, but it does. What happens
when you get into a troubled marriage? Well, certainly you
don't want to take Ann Lander's word. Some years ago she
received a letter with these words:
"Somebody said when a marriage has gone sour and the only
thing that keeps you from filing for divorce is the promise,
"till death do us part", how can a person go ahead and split
with a clear conscience? I've been married for several years
and my mate feels the same emptiness, but I am haunted by the
feeling that it would be a sin to break that promise. Please
give me some guidance. Feeling very guilty in South Bend."
Dear South Bend: You've already been parted by death, the
death of your love, your respect, your devotion, the joy of
being together, the warm feelings that made you want a lifetime
partnership. If something is dead it should be buried. I
believe God understands everything." That's Ann Landers
Unfortunately, it's the counsel of a lot of people today
but it certainly isn't God's. Though God does understand
everything, He has some deeper principles to apply. It
happened in the life of Hosea. Hosea was an Old Testament
prophet. Hosea was married to a woman who became unfaithful.
You say, "Usually it is the man who becomes unfaithful",
but you'll find out that not only in Bible times did women
beco ...

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