Jephthah--Faith With A Flaw (25 of 26) by Jim Henry

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Jim Henry
Hebrews 11:32; JUDGES 11

I heard about a preacher who was traveling on an airplane,
when suddenly they went into a violent storm. The man
beside him was seized with great fear and the pastor wasn't
exactly at ease himself. Knowing that his heart was right
with the Lord, he tried to pray through the situation.

As the pilot gave instructions over the intercom, and the
flight became worse, the man beside the minister became
more agitated until finally, he looked over and said, "I
don't know who you are, but if you are a praying man, you
ought to be praying." The minister said, "Well, I am a
pastor and I am praying."

He said, "Well, I'll tell you what, sir; if we get out of
this okay, I'm going to make a vow that if I make it to the
ground safe, I'm going to give half of everything I've got
to the church." The pastor said, "Well, I think that's
wonderful." So he kept praying and in a few minutes the
storm began to subside and the flight smoothed out. About
twenty minutes later they landed.

As they left the plane, the man started to say goodbye, but
the pastor said, "Sir, wait just a minute. Do you remember
what you said on the plane? You made a vow that if you got
down to the ground safely, you'd give half of all you have
to the church. I just wanted to remind you of what you
said." He said, "Yes, but I made a better deal after that.
I told God that if I got to the ground safely, I promised
Him that I would never get on a plane again in my life, and
if I do, He can have all of it!"

Some folks make vows and keep them, some folks make vows
and don't keep them, and some change their vows. Jephthah
made some very unusual vows and they came at a very
strategic time in the life of his nation. In the Book of
Judges, chapter 10, you'll find that Israel was going
through its sixth round of apostasy. That means they would
follow God for a ...

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