Moses...Faith That Refuses And Chooses (12 of 26) by Jim Henry

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Jim Henry, Pastor
First Baptist Church
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CT# 708091 (238)

Hebrews 11:24-26

By faith Moses, when he had grown up, refused to
be known as the son of Pharaoh's daughter.
He chose to be mistreated along with the people of
God rather than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a
short time.
He regarded disgrace for the sake of Christ as
of greater value than the treasures of Egypt,
because he was looking ahead to his reward.
I believe God wants us to be people with tough faith in order to
live victoriously and in His spirit in tough times. This will bring
out tough people, with tender hearts, but tough faith. The Hall of
Heroes in chapter 11 of Hebrews teaches us some of those active
ingredients of faith.
Faith is an active verb which makes the difference in how we live
in the world today. We see that now in the case of Moses. In our last
segment, we looked at the faith of Moses' parents and how parental
faith makes a difference in the family. Now we're going to see how
that faith translated itself into this man's making some choices of his
own, as a mature adult. But first, let's look at another man.
He was well born--the grandson of Queen Victoria. He went to the
Royal Naval Academy and in 1912 he was placed in active duty, sailing
on a battleship. When World War I broke out, he took his place in the
Grenadiers and was sent to France, Italy, and other places.
Afterwards, he came back home and settled down, happy with his golf and
gardening and the things that the royalty did
Then his father died and he was made King of England. He was
proud of that position, because at that time the empire was very
powerful. As King, he prided himself in the fact that he knew people
in nearly every nation, and on every continent.
One day he went on a cruise on the Atlantic, and there he met a
lady. She was facing a divorce, and ...

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