Abraham And Isaac...Faith's Supreme Test (7 of 26) by Jim Henry

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Jim Henry, Pastor
First Baptist Church
3701 L. B. McLeod Road
Orlando, Florida 32805-6691

CT# 705241 (233)

Hebrews 11:17-20; Genesis 22:1-19

In Nashville, Tennessee, crossing the Cumberland River there is a
bridge called "The Duke-Fuqua Memorial Bridge." The bridge has a very
special meaning to me because I was there the day when the late
Governor Frank Clement dedicated it, and because it was an important
link to several communities in our area.
Kenneth Duke was an All-American football hero at the high school
I attended, and then lost his life in Korea. I remember when the word
came the day our high school team was playing the Number One high
school team in the State on their field, we were decided underdogs,
playing a team that had not been scored against, much less beaten, the
entire season.
When the heartache of the news of that death came, that team went
out on the field, playing on emotion and grief, and wiped out the No. 1
team in the State, something like 55-19.
The other significant name was Fuqua. His parents and brothers
attended our church. He was an athlete, president of his class,
special service man in Vietnam. Word came that he'd been killed in
action and I went with his parents to the Nashville airport when the
plane came in, and stood by their side at that chain-link fence as the
gray casket was lowered to the runway and taken to the funeral home.
I can remember as if it were five minutes ago, the tears and the
words of that father: "My son, my son! I wish I could have died in
your place! You had all of life in front of you. Oh, God, why
couldn't I have died in his place?"
I have never read the story of Abraham without remembering that
day and relating the two incidents. I suppose that the greatest grief
of a father is in giving his son. In this particular case, Abraham was
called to life's severest test: the giving of his son.
They ...

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