by Jim Henry

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Jim Henry, Pastor
First Baptist Church
3701 L. B. McLeod Road
Orlando, Florida 32805-6691

CT# 703221 (228)

"Abel, The First Man of Faith"
Hebrews 11:4, Gen. 4:1-12

A few days ago our newspapers headlined a story about the "Black
Widow," a woman given this name after she had poisoned several members
of her family, including some of her husbands.
They discovered what she was doing after several years when they
examined the body of her latest husband and found the poison which she
had been giving him in his food. Although he had been dead for some
time, she found that dead men do tell tales. She was arrested and
tragically ended her own life in a terrible way.
Dead men do tell tales. James Moffatt said, "Death is not the end
of the road, for in death, persons continue to speak. There are no
dead-end streets in death, either righteously or unrighteously. If the
life is righteous, it becomes like a perfume or a beautiful flower, and
its fragrance continues to bless.
If it is unrighteous, it is like a poison or cancer that continues
to spread, even after death. Dead men do tell tales.
Abel, the Bible says, still speaks, even though he is dead. He is
the first man listed in this roster of heroes of the faith and here is
a man who had tough faith for a tough time. Here was a man who was the
second child of the first people who ever lived. Adam and Eve had two
sons. The first was Cain, and the second was Abel.
You know the story. They were supposed to bring an offering to
God, and they both brought their offering. God accepted one, but He
refused the other. Shortly thereafter, Cain and Abel were walking down
a road, and the Bible says that Cain, in anger, killed his brother. It
was the first murder in the history of the world; the first time human
blood was spilled on the earth. And yet, the Bible has listed Abel,
this man who lived so far away and so long ago, it's hard to even think
about a man living ...

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