The Baptism Of The Christian...Saved By Water Or Through Water (22 of 27) by Jim Henry

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Jim Henry, Pastor
First Baptist Church
3701 L. B. McLeod Road
Orlando, Florida 32805-6691
Reprinted from Radio Program, "WE BELIEVE"
Program #221, CT 402192

"THE BAPTISM OF THE CHRISTIAN... Saved By Water Or Through Water"
(I Peter 3:20-21)

20 ... who once were disobedient, when the
patience of God kept waiting in the days
of Noah, during the construction of the
ark, in which a few, that is, eight
persons, were brought safely through the
21 And corresponding to that, baptism now
saves you--not the removal of dirt from the
flesh, but an appeal to God for a good
conscience--through the resurrection of
Jesus Christ..."
A letter I recently received said:
"Dear Sir: I have a problem perhaps you
can solve for me. A friend here wants me
to be baptized for remission of sin. I was
baptized years ago in the name of the
Father, Son and Holy Ghost. I was baptized
in the Baptist church. It's been a long
time ago, as I'm an old lady now 85 years
young. So now, Brother Henry, what must I
do? Stay as I am or turn to the baptism
that Peter talked about in Acts? ('Be
baptized everyone of you in the name of
Jesus Christ for the remission of sins.')
Please advise me what to do in a case like
this. Thank you."
She was quoting from the Book of Acts, which is very close to this
Scripture in I Peter, where it says, "baptism now saves you." In
this passage of Scripture Peter digresses. He's talking to people
living in a corrupt age. He reaches back in Old Testament history
and pulls in the name of Noah.
Noah was deeply respected by the people in the New Testament. You
will find that Jesus spoke of Noah when He told about his prophecy of
end days. Peter, in his second letter, talks about Noah. You will
find that in the Book of Ezekiel, along with Daniel and Job that he
was one of the great men of history. You'll find in Hebrews 11:7
that Noah is called a "hero of the faith."
One of the reasons is that he pr ...

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