Those Who Look For Sensational Religion (7 of 8) by Jim Henry

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Those Who Look For Sensational Religion (PEOPLE...CROSS Part 7)
Jim Henry

Reprinted from Radio Program, "WE BELIEVE"
Program #190, CT 503313

"Those Who Look for Sensational Religion"
(Luke 23:36,37)

Unless you are or have been a citizen of another country, you have
probably never experienced occupation by enemy troops. We, in America,
have been blessed. In our over 200 years of history after becoming a
nation, we've never been occupied by a foreign power. How blessed we
are. Most of the nations of the world cannot claim that blessing.
The closest I ever came to even slightly realizing what it must be like
was when Martin Luther King was assassinated. My hometown of
Nashville, Tennessee was taken over by the National Guard, and there
were troops on almost every corner. Because I was a pastor, I was
given permission to go to the hospitals. Otherwise, no one was allowed
on the streets. We saw armored cars, tanks, and police trying to
control the outbreaks of arson, looting, etc. It was a terrible time,
and as I thought about that war-like scene before me, I couldn't help
comparing it to being occupied by enemy troops.
That's what was happening in Israel. For most of her history, Israel
has been occupied by foreign troops--Assyrians, Babylonians, Egyptians,
Greeks, Romans, Moslems, Crusaders, English. Not until 1947 did they
really know what it was like to be under their own government again.
When we look at this story, we're looking at a group of men who were
Roman soldiers. There are three or four types of soldiers mentioned in
the Bible. One group was the palace guard. Over in the Book of Exodus
it speaks of men chosen by the Pharoah, very elite men in a very
special place.
There were provincial troops; men who were professional soldiers, sent
to occupy other lands. There were mercenaries, guns for hire. Men who
would go anywhere to fight.
There were also the volunteer armies; those who ...

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