Passing On The Torch - The End Of An Epoch by Jim Henry

Jim Henry, Pastor
First Baptist Church
3701 L.B. McLeod Road
Orlando, FL 32805
Reprinted from Radio Program, "WE BELIEVE"
Program 152, CT 202149


It has been a joy preaching through the life of- David. I have learned
a lot spiritually as I have followed it--learned some things I want to
be, and some things I don't want to be or do. But in and through it
all I've come to understand perhaps one of the greatest men who ever
lived--the man David.
Now we come to the end of an epoch; the end of an era; the end of a
golden age in the life of Israel, in the passing of this great man, a
man after God's own heart.
Some years ago, in fact, about one hundred and fifty years ago,
Kathryn IT commissioned an artist to paint the outstanding beauties of
her country. Count Rotari went through fifty provinces of Russia,
looking for the most beautiful women to include in his gallery of
beauties. He painted 850 portraits of beautiful women, but there was
an amazing quality in each of them. Every painting had some
resemblance of Kathryn the Second, either the way the woman was
standing, a facial characteristic, a flower, or something she liked.
In every one of those 850 pictures, there was something to remind you
of Kathryn the Second.
Likewise, when you go through the Word of God', you'll find from almost
the beginning of David's life until the end, something of this man of
God etched in portraits here and there; some semblance of this man
whose life touched an entire nation, and the world, really.
Now, he comes to the end of his life, the time that every person must
eventually reach--the end of his days. The pressure of life, the
pressure of his work, the pressure of the years, are now coming down
upon this man called David. He comes to the end of a brilliant career
as a military genius; a sweet singer of the Psalms that he'd written
for Israel, which we have followed through all the ...

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