Three Groups Of People Jesus Will Find On His Return by Jim Henry

Jim Henry, Pastor
First Baptist Church
3701 L.B. McLeod Road
Orlando, FL 32805
Reprinted from Radio Program, "WE BELIEVE"
Program #113, CT 1767

Luke 19:12-27

Jesus was coming back to Jerusalem. The rumors were just everywhere. You
see, Jesus drew a crowd wherever He went and there were a lot of rumors about
Him, and one of the rumors was that He was going to overthrow the Roman yoke,
free Israel and make her a mighty nation again. Some people were saying that He
was restoring the throne of David and those were the days of glory for the
Israelis, the Jewish people.
T here was a lot of excitement when Jesus was coming to town, but He wanted
them to understand that He was bringing a different kind of kingdom into the
world. He told a story that they could easily relate to because this had been a
political event at another time. Jesus was taking a wicked event and using it
to teach a spiritual lesson. He was taking a familiar, political happening and
turning it into a spiritual lesson. Here's what had happened.
Herod the Great was a ruling monarch of this particular city and this
kingdom of Israel. He knew when he died that somebody would have to take his
place and he wanted his son, Archelaus, but he had to be ratified by Rome. You
see, the Roman Empire controlled the world and they had to get the ratification
from the Caesar. Well, the Jewish people didn't want Herod the Great's son to
take over, so they sent an envoy to Rome and asked Caesar Augustus, "Please,
don't let Herod Archelaus become the Tetrarch of our community, of our city, of
our nation." But Augustus, like some politicians, didn't pay any attention to
them_ made his own decision and said, "He is going to be the ruler."
Well, when Archelaus took over Israel, he did two things. He rewarded those
that had stood for him, and he punished those that were against him and his
being ratified. Now, that's what is called today ...

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