Rahab by Jim Henry

Jim Henry, Pastor
First Baptist Church
3701 L.B. McLeod Road
Orlando, FL 32805
Reprinted from Radio Program, "WE BELIEVE"
Program #92, CT#1176

Joshua 2:17-24

Near Nashville, Tennessee, there's a little town called Smyrna, which has
been known for two things: a speed trap city, and the home of Sam Davis,
Confederate hero of the Civil War. Sam Davis was a young spy who was caught and
killed. But the story of Sam Davis always fascinated me. I guess spies have
always fascinated us. There's something mysterious about them. James Bond has
captured the audience that loves mystery and spies. In God's Word we read a
very intriguing story of two spies and their encounter with a woman by the name
of "Rahab."
Why did Joshua send out two spies? Didn't he know that God had promised the
land? You'll remember also that Moses sent out some spies, but the difference
is this: The spies that Moses sent out were to help the people. The people
didn't believe they could take the land, and Moses sent the spies to try to help
the people to see. The people thought the spies were going to tell them when
they came back, that they couldn't take the land. Joshua sent the spies to
substantiate God's promise. He said, "We're going to take the land. Now go on
over and show us what the land is like, because we're going to move into it."
And so, these two men went to spy out the land to see what they were going to
have, to substantiate the faith that God had given Joshua, to say, "We're going
to inherit this land, but first we ought to know the enemy's strength."
We live in a time when a lot of Christians, and a lot of folks who are lost,
don't know the enemy's strength. Paul said, in II Corinthians 2, "Be not
ignorant of his devices, lest we fall." It behooves a Christian to know that we
are in a spiritual warfare. The tragedy is, a lot of Christians don't even know
there's a war going on, let alone how to fight. Some are looking at things
happening in the world and do not realize that it's not just the times, it's not
just the changing of morals, it's not just education, it's not just bad
institutions. Dear beloved, we are in a time of heightened spiritual warfare,
and God's Word says, "Spy out the land, know your enemy, and know that he's the
defeated foe." That's the good news. God's Word says in Peter, "Watch out for
Satan, your adversary, for he is a roaring lion, walking to and fro, seeking
whom he may devour." The Bible teaches us that we are in spiritual warfare, and
that when we come to Jesus Christ, we inherit the land. But we ought to know
who the enemy is, and that he is already a defeated foe.
Verse 1: "Go view the land, even Jericho." The spies were sent out to spy
out the land, and to bring word back about what the enemy was like and how he
could be defeated. That's where our story picks up today, in Chapter 2 of the
Book of Joshua, and it centers around a woman by the name of Rahab.
1. Rahab's Shame
The f ...

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