Parents: Reject, Neglect, Or Respect by Ron Clarkson

Welcome: Good Morning. Someone has said that the reason
the home provides such security is because it is the place
where you can say what ever you want to. No one will be
listening to you anyway. At home kids and parents alike
feel this way. Both parents and kids echo the words of one
of today's foremost thinkers, Rodney Dangerfield - "I don't
get no respect."
That's what we want to look at this morning. Read Ex. 20:12
This morning we are going to look at 3 Benefits we receive agorash
from honoring our parents and the reasoning behind them.
Prayer: Father, those of us sitting here this morning come
to you from many different angles. We have diversified
backgrounds, we have various life pressures and a multitude
of different perceptions of who you are and how relevant you
really are in our life. t\s, - ?k:c/scow A6*QI',',
I pray for those here this morning who are in the midst of
an earthquake in the family relationship. We are still
under the wreckage, under the piles, or maybe we are looking
at the damage and there is no way, no way on earth that we
can really honor our parents. Will you show us the heavenly
way that we can authentically honor our parents.
Father for those who have lost one or both parents I pray
you will give them a sense of comfort. That they will be
able to deal with the memories of the past and not be
crippled by them, but instead give them honor in their minds
and hearts. For those of us who still have one or both
parents, will you teach us the importance of authentically
honoring them.
I'm sure you've picked up on our theme for today, the 5th
Commandment - honor your parents. If you have been with us
for the first weeks of this series, you may recognize a
difference between this commandment and commandments we have
covered in past weeks. There is a shift in focus or
emphasis with this commandment.
The first 4 Commandments were ...

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