Keep Your Hands Off My Idol by Ron Clarkson

July 15, 1990
Welcome: We are continuing with our series on the 10
Commandments entitled, "Living a G Rated Life in an X Rated
World." iA few comments G lvti~ed on the titleImciLiiOcd
ih-t whati- so exciting about a G rated life. I want more
in life that the little Mermaid or 101 dalmatians. What we
are looking for today, is a life that would be healthy, a
life that is wholesome, a life that doesn't require parental
rcnsorship. It is a life that you not have to ask the kids
to leave the room or fast forward thru some parts. But more
importantly it is a life where you can stand in front of the
mirror and say, "aYou know what, I'm not perfect but I'm
living a life of integrity, a life that I'm proud of, but
it hau-s"y I'm living a life that God approves of,
that he would smile at. A life that hon-ors- him- Lets pray
together and ask him to teach us this morning how we can
further develop that kind of life.
Prayer: Father, I pray you will speak to each person here
this morning. Make yourself real to us and help us to see
that you are a God for today. You are a God that Is
intimately concerned with our life, you are a God that
considers us 4-1, that loves us beyond description.
Make your Word alive to us and help us see how your 2nd
commandment can have a liberating effect on our life. Amen
Opening: Ryan's Father's day Card.' That is the way that
some of us view God and his laws. They may be O.K.
guidelines, but let's not get carried away. We begin to
feel that God is a prosecutor simply existing to
'tmiprison Us" with a bunch of laws and regulations.
2 ,
Last week we spent a great deal of time showing how God is
not some capricious being that who's goal is to impede my
constitutional right of the life, liberty and the pursuit of
happiness. But, instead we deduced that true freedom, true
liberation is found in-obcdne to God's plan. Freedom and
structure are not ...

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