Is Your God Worth Loving? by Ron Clarkson

July 8, 1990
Welcome: Good morning and welcome to Oakdale. This morning
we are beginning our summer series where we will look at the
10 Commandments and see if there is any relevancy for us
today. Let's begin with prayer.
Prayer: Father, we thank you for this summer morning and
the opportunity to come here and enjoy you. Some here this
morning are exploring you and your claims and are honestly
looking to see if you have relevancy for their life today in
1990. Will you show yourself to them in a clear way this
morning, will they see the true living and loving God. For
others of us will you show us yourself again in your fresh,
exciting, personal way. May- we here- your message to us this
morning, will you reach down and touch each of us at our
point of need we ask, amen.
Opener: In an attempt to follow the marketing trends rumor
has it that there will be a new Bible on the market. It's
called the new Lite Bible, Tastes great and is less
fulfilling. It only has I testament, God only took 4 days
to create the world, Noah only spent 30 days in the Ark, it
only asks for a 8q' tithe, a 500 year millennium and has 7
commandments instead of 10.
For some that wouldn't be too bad. They might have the same
view of the 10 commandments as our cartoon characters. A lot
of people today store the 10 Commandments away and consider
them simply a matter of historical interest, they have some
sentimental value but no real relevancy or authority for
today. This is evidenced by a report in Newsweek showing
only 49% of all protestants and 44% of all Roman Catholics
could name even 4 of the 10 commandments.
Are the 10 Commandments really pertinent to today's world?
What exactly are the commandments? What is their purpose?
Many today see the 10 commandments as the means to gain
acceptance from God. They think God is a scorekeeper in the
sky and at the end of their life if they have scored more
h ...

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