Releasing Your Regrets by Ron Clarkson

Negotiating the Potholes of Life
Releasing Your Regrets
October 6, 1991
We all have regrets in our life. And the reason we all have regrets is because none
of us are perfect. We all make mistakes in our life and that causes us to have
Joke: There were four clergymen from the same town got together for coffee one
morning and they were sharing with each other their personal failures. First one
said, "I hit the bottle every once in a while, even though I tell my people not to."
Second one said," Gamblin,,g is my snag. I preach against it but when I go out of
town, I can-'t resist. " Third said, "Drinking and gambling don't cause me problems,
Ibut I do cheat just a little bit on my income taxes. I know it's wrong but I just can't
resist. The fourth clergyman was silen t up to this point then the others asked him
what his greatest struggle was. 'He said, "I a-ppresciate you fellows being so onest
so i guess I will be too. Drinking and gambling have never appealed to me and I
don't cheat on my taxes. I do have one serious vice, though ... I just love to gossip
and I can harly wait to leave here.
Nobody's perfect! We all make mistakes, make bad choices and decisions, say
foolish things. He hurt ousrselves and others. You know, when you hit your
thumb with a hammer, your going to feel pain. And when you violate your
conscience, you are going to have regrets. BUT God never meant for you live that
way. He never meant for you to live on an eternal guilt trip in your life. People are
continually punishing themselves for their past.
Transition: This morning I want to begin by looking at what we usually do with
1. We try to BURY them.
We often attempt to bury our regrets, or at least we try. Have you ever heard the
phrase, "you have to bury the past?" Have you discovered that it's nonsense to try
and bury the past? It doesn't work. Buried regrets are like the "Night of the Livi ...

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