Believe God for the Impossible by Ron Clarkson

Believe God for the Impossible
Ron Clarkson

Opening: Don't you just hate it when someone comes up to you and says to you "I've got some good news for you and some bad news." (ill us.) Or don't you hate it when someone comes up to you and starts schmoozing you, telling you all this wonderful news and you know, you just know in your gut that they are going to drop a bombshell on you.

Imagine what Mary - a 14 or 15 year old girl must have felt, must have been thinking t,.) when out of nowhere an angel shows up at her place and starts talking to her. Let's look at an amazing announcement.

Why would this teenage girl be the recipient of such a message. Surely, the angel had the wrong place, the wrong person. This girl, Mary was a common, ordinary Jewish girl who was engaged to a common ordinary Jewish boy named Joseph. She wasn't from some prestigious family, he wasn't some religious leader. And neither one of them were looking for anything miraculous, anything "supernatural or impossible to happen in their life.

I think Mary would have been quite content just to go ahead and get married, because she was as good as married already, she was in the 'betrothal stage" of marriage as we talked about last week. She would have been content just to go on and live her ordinary life but God had different plans, he had some difficult plans, yet they were pretty significant plans for Mary's life.

As we look at the life of Mary we see a little girl who learned to believe god for the impossible and we see God take a young girl and do some amazing things. Let's continue to read about that amazing announcement.

Read Luke 1: 34-37

Do you actually think that Mary finding out her cousin was also going to have a baby made her feel any better? Come, on. That's like when you wreck your brand new car, someone comes up and says, "Oh, man, I wrecked my car, too. People always do that W don't they? Does it really help that much at the time? No, that wasn't the purpose of that statement - to make Mary feel better.

The amazing announcement was not that Mary was going to have a baby and she was a virgin. That wasn't the amazing announcement. The amazing announcement was not that her cousin Elizabeth in her post menopausal years was going to have a baby. The amazing announcement was nothing is impossible with God.

Nothing is impossible with God! That's the only refuge Mary had right now. That's the only thing she could count on in the midst of this out blow from the angel. And I would guess that most of us are not going to get a visit from Gabe and have him tell us, "Oh, by the way, your pregnant." there's a good chance that at least half of us won't. But you know, God speaks to us today in different ways.

Now, I've never heard God's voice, but over the past few weeks I mentioned the "nudges" from God. The taps on the shoulders. Or the consecrated kick or sanctified swat in the seat of the pants. Sometimes God's promptings in our life don't get pas ...

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