The Seven Last Sayings of Christ by Ron Clarkson

The Seven Last Sayings of Christ
Easter Expectations
Ron Clarkson
Good Friday, April 13, 1990

Welcome: Good evening, thank you for choosing to remember this important day with us at OCC. Let's begin with Prayer. Prayer: Father, we come to you tonight with a bitter sweetness. It's because of the significant event that took place on this symbolic day about 2,000 years ago that we have hope in our life. We have hope, but that had an expensive price tag, that was the death of Jesus Christ. Up to this point in the Easter season we have seen the incredible life of Jesus Christ. He lived life like no other man. Tonight we will see that he died like no other man. Show us your love in a powerful way tonight, we pray. Illus.: I have always been a firm believer in developing independence in children. I want my children to pursue their dreams or aspirations with passion. My son asked me one day, "Dad will you be upset if I don't become a pastor?" I said, "son. please don't I kind of want you to be normal." He wants to be a pilot, another child of mine wants to be a teacher for deaf kids, another a receptionist for the church when she grows up. Whatever they want I want them to pursue.

When we moved here from California 21 months ago, I viewed it as an opportunity for our family to step out and accept a new challenge. It was a little tough for the kids leaving friends, wandering into unknown territory, but we let them know we would always be there to help them, no matter what.

Well, amidst my desire to model and develop independence in my children, I experienced one of the most difficult days of parenting last September. I had the forever dreaded experience of having to drop my son off at his first day of jr. high. Now any decent loving caring father should never turn a child they love loose in a building with hundreds and hundreds of other adolescents. As he got out of the car and walked to the front door, I wondered if I'd ever see him again, the same.

If it were within my power, I would have called an all school assembly, gathered all the teachers, coaches and students and lectured them. "This is no ordinary student, this is my son, please be very careful with him!"

I wonder if that feeling I felt in the pit of my stomach was even a fraction of what God felt the last week of His son's life on earth? How did God feel as His son rode into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, on a donkey? On the outside people were cheering Jesus Christ, but days later they would make a 180 degree turn and curse him.

What did the Heavenly Father feel like when his son was betrayed by his friend, Judas, sold out for 30 pieces of silver? Then when Jesus was arrested and put on trial, the rest of his disciples, the ones he had poured his life in to, turned tail and ran.

What did God, the Father, the perfect judge, feel when Jesus Christ, his son, was subjected to a kangaroo court. Jesus faced a couple of illegal trials based on false witnesses and trumped up cha ...

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