Living Life on Purpose by Ron Clarkson

Living Life on Purpose
Ron Clarkson
May 21, 1989

WELCOME: Good morning and welcome to Oakdale Community Church. This morning I'm introducing a series I'll be doing next fall entitled "Living Life on Purpose". Join us next week as Tim Ayers, our Pastor of Creative Communication will begin a three week series on "Great Expectations." Let's join together in prayer as we begin to look at (title.)

PRAYER: Father, some of us have come here this morning with a direct purpose in mind, and that is to seek an enjoyable time of experiencing your presence here this morning. Some of us got out of bed this morning and the last thing on our mind, or maybe the last thing we wanted to do was go to church. I pray for all of us that you will make it worth our while to be here. I pray above that, Father, that you will reach out to each of us, touch us at the point of our need this morning, and that need just may be the need to find purpose, some direction, some meaning to the day to day grind we pour our hearts and souls into, but we don't know why. You be the teacher this morning, Father, amen.

OPENING JOKE: Trina Paulas; Hope for the Flowers:

INTRO: Many of us, if we looked under our coats might find some furry stripes on our bodies and about 10 extra sets of legs. We have experienced or are experiencing that futile climb to the top of the pillar. Maybe it's our educational pillar, our career pillar, or just some self satisfying pillar, but when we get to the top, if we ever do, what then? Is the ultimate purpose in life really reflected in the philosophy of the bumper sticker that says "He who dies with the most toys, wins?"

And what price are we really going to pay for those things we want in life? TIME MAGAZINE's recent article on "The Rat Race" the articles talked about how weary and frantic the parents are becoming and the kids are suffering in the process. They interviewed Yale University Psychologist Edward Ziglar who warned that society is at a "breaking point" as far as the family is concerned.

The drive and desire to "do" or to "be" has left a grand canyon void in the real question. There was graffiti written on the side of a wall-"To do is to be"-Plato . . . "To Be is to do"-Sarte, "To do-be-do-be-do"-Sinatra. Where is the purpose that turns our crank in life? Is it just success? Is it just accomplishment? Is it just acquisition of wealth or power?

TRANSITION: There were a few young men who were quite powerful. These young men were also very intelligent, handsome and would appear to be on the climb up the "corporate ladder" of their day. They were upper level management types who were expected to promote the cause of the CEO they were under.

These three executives on one occasion received a direct memo from the CEO, a memo that ordered them to perform a task that was totally unethical and absolutely immoral. If they refused to carry out the orders, they would loose substantially. They'd loose more than their pay, more than the ...

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