Judas (NOT Iscariot) (10 Of 11) by Nelson Price

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John 14:22

This follower of Christ was called TRINOMINUS, by Jerome, one of
the early church fathers. The word means "the man with three

The name Judas is the Greek form of the Hebrew name Judah.
Jude is the Latin form of the name Judah.

Judas was an honorable name that went back to the founder of the
tribe of Judah.

About 164 BC when Israel was occupied and the great tyranny that
was manifest in that country was persecuting the people severely,
the dominant ruler that possessed the land was named by himself
Antichus Epiphanes which means the "great and mighty God." He
rededicated the house of God to the goddess Olympus Zeus. He
profaned the house in so many ways and one way in which he did
was he brought pigs into the house of God and had them sacrificed
on the altar. To the Jewish people that was the most blasphemous
degrading thing that could happen.

He then sent his soldiers out into the countryside to have the same
thing done in the various villages. They went to one village just a
short distance from Jerusalem in which there was an old retired
priest of the temple living there. The soldier in charge of the battery
of individuals assigned to enforce the law called this old priest out
of the ranks and said you are to be the first to sacrifice the pig here
in your village then you will be first to eat of its flesh. The old man
stood there stony faced in defiance. Finally someone from the
crowd stepped out knowing the age of the old retired priest and
said, I will take his place. The old retired priest first attacked him
then attacked the soldiers and his four sons got involved in the
battle. One of those four sons was named Judas. They called him
Judas Macabee which meant Judas the hammer. They were few
in number with no reserves and no military strength and training.
But in the we ...

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