Thomas The Twin (7 Of 11) by Nelson Price

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JOHN 11: 16

Jesus Christ called Thomas to follow Him. Because of
misunderstanding of him he has been stereotyped with a title
second only to Judas Iscariot with negative connotations. He is
inappropriately known as Doubting Thomas. A closer look will
reveal Him to be Devoted Thomas.

His name appears in many translations as Thomas Didymus. The
name Didymus is Greek for Twin. In Didymus can be heard the
English word Ditto, meaning the same. It isn't known who his twin
was, whether male or female.

Thomas was a pragmatist. He wanted empirical evidence. He was
a show me type person. All of his comments recorded in Scripture
occurred in the last week of Christ's life. His questions were not so
much born of doubt as to give occasion for insight. Questioning
isn't bad. Doubting is. He was legitimately inquisitive.

Some persons harbor their tired old doubts and pose them as
questions anywhere they are reasonably sure they can't get an
answer. They hope by their seemingly unanswerable questions to
appear intellectual. Revealed ignorance is a poor way to try to
appear to be smart. Thomas asked his questions where he could
get answers. The answers were met with his response of devotion.

In His threefold admonition Christ said, "Ask and it shall be
revealed to you." Thomas' questions got wonderful answers.


Jesus was encamped along the Jordan when news reached Him
that His dear friend Lazarus had died. In an act of seemingly
indifference Jesus waited two days before responding to the news.
In that delay was wisdom. There was a misconception regarding
death in that era. It was believed that the spirit stayed in the body
for three days after death before departing. Jesus knowing what He
was going to do regarding the death of Lazarus wanted to wait until
this period had passed before bringing Lazarus back to life so this
old superstition could not be credite ...

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