He Gave The Gift That Keeps On Giving by Nelson Price


JESUS CHRIST'S birth was God's way of saying, "Merry
Christmas, planet earth. I have a present for you."

JESUS CHRIST was the reference when Paul wrote, "Thanks be to
God for His unspeakable gift..." (II Cor. 9:15).

The gift is indescribable, inexpressible, marvelous, and wonderful.
The gift is Jesus Christ Himself.

Our distinctive southern tongues have a way of making certain
words sound alike. Two such words are presents and presence.
"Presents" meaning gifts and "presence" meaning to be in close
proximity. God's present to the population of planet earth was the
presence of His Son, Jesus Christ.

An appropriate gift does two things:

It reveals the love of the one giving it.

It suits the needs of the one receiving it.

Isn't it rewarding when you give a gift for the recipient to say, "How
like you to give such a thoughtful gift and it is just what I wanted
and needed."

The gift of Christ as Savior does both. Our response should be,
"How like you dear God to give me just what I wanted and needed."

A gift is an expression of the giver's heart. The recipient gets it but
not because it is earned, merited, or deserved. It is simply an
expression of the loving heart of the giver.

Wouldn't it be a magic Christmas if you placed neatly wrapped
packages under the tree with names of family members on them
and then set up a cash box to collect a fixed sum for each? The
moment you received money for one it would not be a gift, but a

In Bud Blake's "Tiger" comic strip two little boys were talking about
Christmas. One said, "My folks got us an artificial tree this year."
The other little guy asked, "Does that bother you?"

"No," was the response, "just as long as the gifts are real."

The gift of God the Father is Jesus. His name evidences the scope
of the gift. Jesus means, "Jehovah is Salvation." Thus, in the ...

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