Your World Has A Flip Side by Nelson Price

ACTS 16: 24-31

JESUS CHRIST'S mandate to take the gospel to the world was
taken seriously by the young emerging church. It must be today.

Acts 16:11 is an epoch passage. It marks the beginning of Paul's
second missionary journey. Summarily, it chronicles the first
venture with the gospel into Europe as we know it. There was no
Europe or Asia then. The invasion of Europe wasn't on Paul's mind,
but it was what the Lord had in mind. Thus, Europe became the
springboard for the gospel to go into all the world.

Spiritually, their world, like ours, had been turned upside down.
They confronted it with such zeal and practical wisdom that it was
said of them, "These people who have turned the world upside
down have come here also" (Acts 17:6). Their reputation as
revolutionaries preceded them.

You have a reputation as a Christian also. What is it? Are you
considered a compromiser of the faith; a chameleon Christian; or a
champion of the faith? Is consistency a virtue for which you are

We confront militant revolutionaries with ardor equal to that of our
predecessors of the First Century. In Big Sur, California, is the
Esarline Institute which is dedicated to New Age philosophy. In one
of their publications, "Psychological Journal," this statement
appeared. "The revolution has begun. The world will be changed.
How it will be changed is up to us."

That is an inscription that might well appear above every church
house door. We are to be missionaries to our topsy-turvy world.
Humpty Dumpty couldn't put his broken world back together again.
With our resource of Jesus Christ we must begin the reconstruction
of ours.

Our current passage of study reveals three aspects of the mission
of Christ's church.


Paul and his companion Silas were put in prison in Philippi for
sharing the love of the Lord Jesus Christ. That dingy li ...

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