Don't Play The Blame Game by Nelson Price


Jesus Christ said, "You shall know the truth and the truth shall set
you free."

Later, before Pilate the inquisitor asked, "What is truth?" (John
18:38). There should be no criticism of Pilate asking the question.
The lament is he didn't stay around to get the answer.

To the believer the Bible is distilled truth. It is the objective truth
revealed by God. As such it becomes the standard of faith and
practice of followers of Christ.

John Calvin said of the Bible, "It obtains the same complete credit
and authority with believers, when they are satisfied of its divine
origin, as if they heard the very words pronounced by God Himself."

Most persons know the part of a verse which says, "Man shall not
live by bread alone..." However, many don't know the rest of the
verse which says, "...but by every word that proceeds out of the
mouth of God" (Matthew 4: 4).

The Greek word for our word "inspiration," THEOPNEUSTOS,
means "breathed out by God." Every word proceeds from the
mouth of God.

The first question asked in the Bible related to the validity,
authority, and reliability of God's Word: "Now the serpent was more
cunning than any beast of the field which the LORD God had

And he said to the woman, 'Has God indeed said, 'You shall not
eat of every tree of the garden..." (Genesis 3:1).

Loss of confidence in the authority of the Bible has caused a loss
of respect for all authority. Without its absolute truths to guide us
we establish our own self as authority.

II Peter 2: 16 - 21 indicates how reliable God's Word really is.

Verse 16 states it does not consist of "cunningly devised fables."

Reference is made to being "eyewitnesses of His [Christ] majesty."
Have you ever thought how wonderful it would have been to have
seen Christ in action.

In a court of law a witness under oath who says, "Yes, your honor I
was there and sa ...

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