George Washington: Was He A Christian? by Nelson Price

MATTHEW 7:20,21

JESUS CHRIST was a masterful teacher. He desired to
communicate those great truths of eternity in such a simple,
elemental manner that any one of us could understand them. As
he taught on the mountainside he instructed the learned, the wise,
the elderly and the mature. He communicated to the children and
to the young people and he related facts so that they could make
application of them.

Can you imagine there on the mountainside as he was instructing
the masses of persons, that perhaps even he gestured toward
them, and bent to pick a single blossom and said, "Consider the lily
- it toils not, neither doth it spin, yet Solomon in all of his glory was
not arrayed like one of these." And watch just then as the birds
moved overhead...."Your heavenly Father cares for you as He does
for them."

And then he said, "Not everyone that sayeth unto me Lord, Lord,
shall enter into the kingdom of heaven." And then he went further
in greater depth and said, "Whosoever heareth these sayings of
mine and doeth them I will liken unto a wise man that built his
house upon a rock, and the rains came and descended upon it and
the winds blew and it fell not, for it was founded upon a rock."

Jesus Christ gave insights that are still worthy of our observation
today, for the depth of the inclusion of truths therein would take all
of our lives to just begin to probe the superficial depths of such
statements as these.

He used characters, he used objects to teach lessons. So on this
special season of the year, let's use a personality to evaluate the
most important issue that any individual ever confronts, that is, the
matter of personal salvation.

Faith of our fathers. What was the faith of the founding fathers of
the great nation we are blessed to call The Land of the Free and
the Home of the Brave today? Consider if you will, by way of
ill ...

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