A Nation Whose God Is the Lord by Nelson Price

A Nation Whose God Is the Lord
Nelson Price
Psalm 33:12

Jesus Christ warned the people of His day regarding their hard and unrepentant hearts: ''Therefore I say to you, the kingdom of God will be taken from you and given to a nation bearing fruits of it'' (Matthew 21: 43).

America has enjoyed the signature blessings of the Lord. God has blessed America. America has born the fruits of the kingdom at times. A great gleaning needs to be done in our society to gather and groom those spiritual qualities inherent in our emergence as a nation.

When the virtues of our young nation are mentioned there are those who seek to deny a Christian influence in our emergence. Some then seek to discredit those of us who espouse such from a historical perspective by saying we want to make America a theocracy governed by Old Testament rules. God Himself doesn't want that. Those rules were not even intended for modern Israel. They were the civil laws of the young fledgling nation of Israel.

Not even Theo wants America to be a theocracy.

There are persons intent on changing public policy who contend that America was not founded by Christians on Christian principles. A study of the lives of the signers of the Declaration of Independence speaks of their values.

Of the 56 signers of the Declaration 27 had degrees from seminaries.

Reverend John Witherspoon over saw the printing of the Bible by Congress in 1782.

Charles Thompson, Secretary of Congress, was responsible for the first translation of the Bible in America and published the Thompson Bible.

Benjamin Rush founded the first Bible Society in America, the Philadelphia Bible Society.

The signers of the Declaration of Independence were responsible for starting 121 Bible Societies in eight years.

Francis Hawkins was responsible for printing the first hymnbook in America.

John Adams and Benjamin Rush sat next to each other during the drafting of the Declaration in which 56 men proposed to overthrow the most powerful nation on earth. Rush leaned over and asked Adams, ''John do you think we can really win this conflict?'' Adams replied, ''Yes, if we repent of our sins and rely on God.''

Rush later said he wrote that in his diary so he could teach others it was possible to be Godly and in politics, that those two were not incompatible.

John Adams, who was one of those who signed the Declaration and the peace treaty with England, wrote a letter in 1813 in which he said, ''The principles on which the fathers achieved independence were the principles of Christianity. I will now avow that I did believe and now believe that those principles of Christianity are as eternal and immutable as the general attributes and characteristics of God.''

That is what history from the period recorded before modern day revisionists with an agenda began to misrepresent it. Primary sources from the day support the concept that our founding fathers work was an outgrowth of their beliefs in God. Moder ...

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