A Secret Source Of Strength by Nelson Price

PSALM 31:19-24

JESUS CHRIST loves the hopeless. He loved Zacchaeus who was
hopelessly lonely. He loved Mary Magadalene though demon
possessed. He loved Mary and Martha whose brother Lazarus

A sense of futile hopelessness is so foreign to the Lord that the
word "hopeless" does not occur in the Bible.

Knowing human nature our Lord realizes it exists and proposes an
antidote. The Psalmist describes himself as a person for whom
persons have set a snare and caught him in their net. Have you
ever felt trapped, hopeless? Framed in such a feeling three release
principles are noted.

God's people need to know God's word in order to know what to do
in times of uncertainty. Recently we visited the Hadassah Hospital
in Jerusalem to see the famed beautiful stained glass windows by
renowned artist Marc Chagall. The twelve Jerusalem Windows in
the synagogue represent the twelve tribes of Israel. The captivating
window of the tribe of Issachar is stunning. Issachar was an
agricultural tribe that loved the land so much they would not even
leave to go to war (Genesis 49: 14,15). Tradition says that Zebulun
and Issachar made a pact. Zebulun would enter the commercial
arena in order to allow Issachar time to study the Torah. Therefore,
the gift the Issachar tribe gave David was that they "had
understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do"
(I Chronicles 12: 32).

God's people need to study God's Word in order to understand our
times and know what to do. In this time of uncertainty and
apprehension let's explore a rich passage.

I. BE OF GOOD COURAGE (Psalm 31: 24a)

This brings to mind what has been called Jesus' favorite text: "Be
of good cheer." This He said to the helpless paralectics, the woman
who touched the hem of His garment, the terrified disciples in the
storm, before His ascension - "In this world you shall have
tribulation but be of ...

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