Peace in the Valley of the Shadow of Death by Nelson Price

Peace in the Valley of the Shadow of Death

JESUS CHRIST said, "I am the good shepherd. The good
shepherd gives His life for the sheep" (John 10:11).

Nothing does more to increase your opinion of Christ as "the good
shepherd" than a visit to the Bible Lands. Seeing the land that was
the setting for shepherds makes one all the more appreciative of a
good shepherd.

Knowing your own dry, arid wasteland, those barren badlands of
your own experience, makes you aware of a need for a good
shepherd in your daily affairs. It seems we live in the valley of the
shadow. Life's most ominous shadows loom on our path causing
fear and apprehension. How can we live in such a foreboding

Recently friends and I drove down the old Roman road from
Jerusalem to Jericho. It was the same road traveled by Christ.
Rounding one curve it seems the bottom drops out of the earth. A
breathtaking narrow, craggy, deep valley suddenly appears. We
were awestruck.

Running along the same route slightly below the road level is an
aqueduct built by Herod the Great. Peering down into the valley we
looked over the rim of the aqueduct. With no forewarning a small
shepherd stepped from behind rocks and walked along the narrow
rim of the aqueduct. To his left the valley dropped off immediately,
the equivalent of a forty or fifty-story building. The young shepherd
glanced up and walked on without fear. I leaned as far away from
the valley as I could.

In observing some aspects of the shepherd's life in light of the
Twenty Third Psalm, I have been enabled to see how we can live
on the rim of the valley of the shadow of death and fear no evil.
Consider with me the reasons:


He who runs before the Shepherd is on a fool's errand.

No longer do you need to live a life of "the blind leading the blind."
Many people develop a tolerance for living. They have simply
learned to put ...

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