Let Jesus "EASTER In You" by Nelson Price

MATTHEW 28:1-7

Jesus Christ put on the form of a man, slipped into the envelop of
time, and entered our space. He, Immanuel, "God with us," came to
rescue us from our plight resulting from our self-imposed doom.
There were requisites necessary to achieve this. The drama of
redemption was played out in three acts.

ACT ONE: Bethlehem. He had to be born of a virgin and thus have
no old sin nature and thus have no old sin nature. Because of His
virgin birth every infant that dies, and every individual lacking the
mental capacity of making a valid choice is assured of a heavenly

ACT TWO: His life. He had to live a sinless life. Thus having no
personal sin He was capable of being the all-sufficient sacrifice for
our personal sins.

ACT THREE: He had to die for the sin of the world and have put
on His vicarious death the seal of God the Father's approval.

The noise of the crowd flooding Jerusalem had not yet reached the
crescendo of mid-day when the still air rang out with the sounds of
hammers. Christ was fulfilling the last requirement in the drama of

The seventh of His final shouts was heard from the cross, "Father,
into Thy hand I commend My spirit..." (Luke 23: 46). He reclined
His head against the old rugged cross and breathed His last.

Essentials one and two had been fulfilled. Now all heaven
expectantly waited to see the Father's vindication of the Son.

His lifeless form, wrapped like a cocoon, hopelessly lay in a small
cave that served as His borrowed tomb.

By the dawns early light a mighty angel came and rolled away the
stone that sealed the tomb. The Roman guards were so startled
and convinced of what they experienced there that they fled to
report the phenomenon to their superiors.

Anticipating the final anointing of His lifeless body a small band of
ladies came to the tomb early in the morning. With sad hearts they

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