Ride On King Jesus by Nelson Price

MARK 11:1-10

Jesus Christ wants to share His eternal victory with you.
Regardless of what victories you have won in life or whether you
have ever won a victory, you can participate in the greatest victory
of all times. An event that happened in Jerusalem on His last
Sunday in that city illustrates how He wants you to share His

The sun was rapidly rising. It was beginning to shoot its golden
arrows across the horizon. The gilded sky had started curtaining off
the dawn of a bright new day as the sun burst over the crest of the
Mount of Olives and illumined the history-filled city of David.

This was the festive season of Passover celebration. City streets
were filled with pilgrims visiting from many countries. On this day
Jerusalem, though remote, became a cosmopolitan city. From
Europe, Asia, and Africa they gathered to share in the feast. An
exciting rumor spread through the city...Jesus is coming. Accounts
of His teaching, stories of His miracles, and the latest news of His
raising Lazarus from the dead preceded Him. An air of expectancy

Behind Christ were His sermons; ahead His sufferings. Behind His
parables; ahead His passion. Behind the supper of fellowship;
ahead the last supper of betrayal. Behind Him the delights of
Galilee; ahead dark Gethsemane. Prophecy, His story written in
advance, was now to be practice.

To some His entrance into Jerusalem riding a donkey seemed to
be an afterthought. Actually it had a Divine decorum to it all. He
who owns the cattle on a thousand hills was about to honor one of
His loyalist by borrowing his donkey. The owner of that donkey had
to be the happiest man in Jerusalem on that day. He had a part in
what Christ was doing. Christ was sharing with Him His victory.

Note these things about what happened:

* Jesus knew where what He wanted was. He knows your
assets, however limited, and wants you ...

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