Jesus Did Party Hardy by Nelson Price

JOHN 12:1-11

Jesus Christ was God incarnate, that is, God in flesh and blood. As
such, by His spirit today, He wants to work in and through your
flesh and blood. On a rare occasion immediately preceding His
betrayal, He gathered some of the most remarkable trophies of His
grace to illustrate for us His power to transform lives. By looking in
on this celebration we can get a glimpse of what He can do in lives
-- our lives.


JESUS was the joyous guest of honor. His presence there dispels
the stereotype of a party chilling Christ. On one occasion, at a party
in His honor, He was so jubilant His detractors accused Him of
being drunk. When He saves us He doesn't rob us of social grace
or cancel our need for expressing joy.

"...the joy of the LORD is your strength" (Nehemiah 8:10). If that is
true, and it is, how strong are you?

SIMON was the happy host. Matthew 26: 6 - 13 records him as the
host. Jesus saved him and cleansed him of leprosy, now he shows
his gratitude. Leprosy, the flesh consuming disease, was the most
dreaded disease of the era. Persons having it were quarantined by
being ostracized. They were required if approached by a person to
cry out "Unclean, unclean." If the shadow of a leper touched a
person they bathed seven times in a cleansing effort. This man had
great cause for devotion to Christ.

Dr. Richard Clark Cabbot and his staff at the Mayo Clinic after
years of observation concluded four things contribute to good
health. They are WORK, PLAY, LOVE, AND WORSHIP. All four
of these were involved at the party at which Jesus was celebrating.

Lazarus loved Him for healing him; Martha was working; Mary in
worship. All three were engaged in play by attending the party.

The American Medical Association estimates one-half of the
people in hospitals are there because of an ailment the body
caught from the brain. They need to e ...

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