Adam Or Eve: The Child In All Of Us by Nelson Price


JESUS CHRIST, a literal historical figure, is called "the second
Adam." The first Adam was also a literal historical figure. There
was an actual historical homosapien named Adam who had a
helpmate named Eve.

The word "Adam" is used in the Book of Genesis generically for
"mankind," such as in Genesis 5: 2. However, it is also used as a
name of the individual man first created by God.

Gay Rights Activists try to twist this verse to imply unisex. As used
in this verse, it is a generic term for mankind. God created them
Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve.

The name "Adam" meant "of the earth," a reference to God making
him from the earth. Adam gave a name to his wife (3:20). He
chose "Eve" which means "life" or "life giver."

Scripture says God "formed" Adam from the "ground." The Hebrew
word for "formed" is YASAR (2:7). It describes the work of an
artist. Mankind was made from the earth by a divine plan. The
Hebrew word for "ground" is ADAMAH (3:17). The Hebrew word for
"man" is ADAM. Thus, man, ADAM, came from the ground,

The Lord God took approximately fifty-eight pounds of oxygen, two
ounces of salt, fifty quarts of water, three pounds of calcium,
twenty-four pounds of carbon, some chlorine, phosphorous, iron,
sulfur, and glycerin from the earth and made Adam.

The average person has enough fat to make seven bars of soap,
---Enough iron to make a medium-sized nail.
---Enough lime to whitewash a small building.
---Enough phosphorus to make 24 hundred match tips.
---Enough magnesium for a single dose of "Milk of Magnesia."
---Enough potassium to explode a toy cannon.
---And a little sulfur added.

The chemical components of a rocket scientist, brain surgeon,
migrant laborer, or third world peasant are worth approximately
$10.00. That will deflate your ego.

Skeptics scoff at the idea of God creating. Some conscientiou ...

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