Core Values That Count by Nelson Price

ROMANS 1:14-17

JESUS CHRIST touches and transforms lives. He did so for the
most unlikely candidate. A brilliant though belligerent young
attorney who was the apple of the judiciary eye in Jerusalem was
assigned the role of special prosecutor to investigate rumors of the
resurrection of Christ. His evidence turned on him and convinced
him of the reality of the resurrection. He who gathered more facts
about the resurrection was a skeptic. His material evidence and the
collaborated testimony of eye witnesses changed his life.
Thereafter, the life of Paul, filling it with joy so that it overflowed.
That elation over salvation thrilled him so that he wanted to happily
share it with others. The natural result of the in filling is the
outpouring. What happened in the life of Paul was revolutionary.
Ambitiously he wanted this spiritual revolution to sweep the known
world. He had a sense of obligation to be an agent of achieving this

He had - - -


As a result of his redemption, he was completely owned by Christ.
This gave him a sense of being completely obligated to Christ.
Since Christ died for his sins and rose for his salvation Paul desired
to do what Christ wanted and not what he wanted.

We are morally obligated to others as a result of being trustees or
stewards of the Gospel.

When we receive something nice from friend, we feel a bit of
indebtedness until we can do something nice for them. That wasn't
how Paul felt. He was not indebted to the people because he had
not received something from them but something for them.

When Moses received the Ten Commandments from God, he
became a debtor to Israel not because he received something from
them but for them.

This indebtedness is to all persons. Greek culture permeated the
known world. Therefore they were included. The term "barbarians"
was a ter ...

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