The Master As A Masterful Model by Nelson Price

LUKE 2:1-20

JESUS CHRIST is Heaven's only worthy role model. He is
the prototype of what you are intended to be like. He is the perfect
pattern like which we should aspire to be. In considering Him to be
such we must not overlook the fact that He is much more than that
also. We can never externally conform to His image without letting
Him become our Savior and seeking to serve Him as Lord. He has
to do an internal job on us before we can do an external job for

At this Christmas season Christians do well to review
Christ's advent and reevaluate their commitment to Him. I love the
original Christmas story. However, there are reenactments of it that
help our understanding of it even if they involve inaccuracies.

A Yale University professor tells the story of his four-year-old

The child was in nursery school when he brought home a
notice of a Christmas Pageant. Parents were requested to support
their children by attending. With adult formality the invitation read:
"Take advantage of this great cultural opportunity." This was a
cultural opportunity the professor preferred not to take advantage
of but did want to support his child.

As a cultural opportunity it was a flop, but it did have
redeeming value.

As the house lights dimmed three virgin Marys came on
stage. They stood over a box of straw illumined by a purple light
buried in it. They giggled and waved at friends and family.

The professor was astounded by the three Marys, and
wondered if he had missed some new revelation from Scripture.
His wife whispered that the school had acquired three Mary
costumes over the years and some line of logic said all three
should be used lest someone get their feelings hurt.

A moment later two Josephs took their place next to the
three Marys. They stood awkwardly scratching themselves. What is
there about little boys that makes them ...

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