A Bright New Look Outward (2 Of 4) by Nelson Price

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MARK 3: 32 - 35

Jesus Christ wants to give each of us a BRIGHT NEW
LOOK -- OUTWARD. He wants us to see the world in a different
way than most folks look at it.

Jesus looked outward and saw people for what they could
be. In order to help them become all they were created to be He
accepted them as they were and offered help to enable them to
become all they should be.

Up in the hills of east Tennessee some years ago a young
mother gave birth to her son without being married. It was a
previous era in which children born out of wedlock were ostracized
and criticized. No one knew who was the father of little Ben
Hooper. All his young life he was an outcast. Whenever he was in
public people could be heard whispering, "Who do you think his
father is?"

Parents wouldn't let their children play with him. Adults
scolded him in public. In school the teacher set him apart and none
of the children would associate with him. As a result he became a
virtual recluse.

A new young preacher came to town. Ben Hooper heard
folks talking about the young preacher who was friendly, kind, and
loving. Quietly one Sunday Ben slipped in the back door of the
church and sat on the last seat in the house. He was encouraged
by the pastor's message and continued to come back. He always
slipped out before the end of the service and no one spoke to him.

One Sunday Ben was so caught up in the message and
warmed by the pastor's message on love he didn't get out quite
quick enough and got caught in the crowd. He looked up and right
in his path was the preacher. The preacher smiled at him and said,
"Whose boy are you?"

A hush fell over the crowd. The sensitive minister recovered
quickly and said, "Oh, I know whose boy you are. Why, the family
resemblance is unmistakable. You are a child of God."

"That's quite an inheritance you've got there, boy. Now, go
and see to it y ...

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