Optimism (2 Of 8) by Nelson Price

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8/17/97 PM

Jesus Christ was the most optimistic person who ever lived.
If we are to follow Him shouldn't we be optimistic.

A person can either be optimistic or pessimistic. Do you
know what determines which you are? It is not circumstances. It is

There is a new book by Paul Stoltz entitled, Adversity
Quotient. It is the product of 35 years of scholarly research by
dozens of top scholars and more than 1,000 studies from around
the world. In dealing with our adversity quotient (AQ) the author
reveals how optimism impacts life. He likens people to mountain
climbers divided into three groups: QUITTERS, CAMPERS, AND

Quitters avoid risks.

Campers grow tired of climbing and look for a comfortable

Climbers are dedicated to lifelong ascent.

People are classified as either optimists or pessimists.
Optimists have a high AQ and pessimists a low AQ.

Pessimists see adversity as permanent, pervasive, and

Optimists see adversity as temporary, limited, and external.

Three major sciences now confirm the practicality of being
optimistic in facing life and its adversity.

Cognitive Psychology teaches us that people respond
subconsciously and in consistent patterns that remain with them for
life unless something is done to change them. In other words, we
get set in our ways. This can change and if you have become
pessimistic this is a wonderful time to change. You can walk away
from this moment saying, "I was formerly a pessimist, BUT now I
am an optimist."

Psychoneuroimmunology teaches there is a direct link
between your optimism or pessimism and your mental and physical
health. Numerous studies have established that pessimism can
lower immune functions, decrease the rate of recovery from
surgery, and increase ones vulnerability to life-threatening diseases
such as cancer. Optimism does the opposite.

Neruophys ...

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