Enthusiasm (1 Of 8) by Nelson Price

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8/10/97 PM

Jesus Christ was the most enthusiastic person who ever
lived. If we are to be His followers shouldn't we be enthusiastic
about it?


The word comes from two Greek words: EN - in, and
THEOS - God, literally "God in one," inspired or possessed by God.
It was originally a word that spoke of supernatural inspiration, such
as a prophet would receive. It has come to mean intense interest,
zeal, fervency, excitement or ardency. It can be positive or

Enthusiasm is the maker of friends, the maker of smiles, the
producer of confidence. It shouts to the world, "I've got confidence."
It says to all people, "I love life."

Walter Chrysler, that tremendous inventor, said, "I love to
see enthusiastic people, rather people who get excited, they break
down barriers, they overcome obstacles, they do the impossible."

There are various personality types. Some are more
expressive than others. Some are introverted and some
extroverted. Having a sparkling personality is not the same as
being enthusiastic. Regardless of your personality type you can
have enthusiasm. It is the tendency to look on the bright side,
which is the right side, of things, to think the best, and react
positively with energy.

Enthusiasm without knowledge is like running in the dark.

Knowledge is essential for proper action. It is said
knowledge is power and it is. However, enthusiasm throws the

Genius is nothing but inflamed enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm is an attitude which can be shared by extroverts
and introverts. It is the lubricant of the mind.

Every person is enthusiastic. Some are enthusiastic for 30
days, some for 30 minutes. The person who is enthusiastic for 30
years or more is the achiever.

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. Every
great and commanding achievement in the annuls of the world is a
trium ...

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