Show Me The Way... by Nelson Price

JOSHUA 3:1-5

Jesus Christ said, "If anyone desires to come after Me, let
him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me." (Matthew

By nature we are followers. It shows. Most persons are
adventurous to a degree but then settle in looking for something in
which to believe, some one to follow.

Driving past Columbia University in New York a New Yorker
said to me, "Students come here their first year as Republicans.
Their sophomore year they are Democrats. Their third year they
return as Communists. By the time they are seniors they are so
confused they don't know what they believe."

That is the stage we need to avoid. Unfortunately that is the
stage in which many get hung-up. They are still looking for some
one to follow, something in which to believe.

Nearing their wandering in the wilderness the people of God
came to the Jordan River where they camped for three days. The
Ark of the Covenant which symbolized God's presence with them
had been carried during the wilderness wanderings to symbolize
God's presence with them.

The ark contained the Ten Commandments, the Law. It was
covered by the mercy seat noting the law was administered under
God's mercy. The kneeling Seraphim typified the worship of such a
merciful God.

At the moment of encampment before the adventure of
possessing the land, the ark was moved to the front of the column
and the people instructed: "When you see the ark of the covenant
of the Lord your God...go after it...for you have not passed this way
before" (Joshua 3:3,4).

God gave them something in which to believe, something to
follow. He did it stating, " have not passed this way before."
God wants to guide, guard, and govern in our lives. He can't guide
and guard as He desires unless we let Him govern.

Following God poses a - - -


Facing the unknown is demanding. Perhaps you are
currently going through a time of uncertainty. Students preparing to
return to school experience an uneasy sensation because of the
unknown. Persons confronted by a health crisis know the same
consternation. Even the most successful persons in business are
often bewildered by demanding unknowns.

In his conquest of the then known world Alexander the Great
came to the Kyber Pass. He called for his mapmakers to show him
what was ahead. He was told there were no maps for what lay
ahead. They said, "From here you are literally marching off the

The challenge of the unknown is best faced by having
something to follow. It is best to have someone to follow who
knows where to go. As the children of Israel were to follow the ark
so we are to answer the challenge of following the Lord. Certain
things help.


"If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us
our sins an ...

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