A New Covenant Between You And God by Nelson Price

HEBREWS 8:6,7 & 13

JESUS CHRIST is depicted as "Mediator of a new covenant"
between you and God the Father.

In our era most formal agreements are described as
contracts. These are usually for goods and services. A contract,
official or unofficial, helps to identify failure in these relationships.

The Lord hasn't established a contract with His people, but a
covenant. This is the difference.

Contracts are broken when one of the parties fails to keep
their part of the contract. For example, if you have an appointment
with a doctor that is an informal contract. If you fail to show you
have broken the contract. The doctor isn't obligated to call and ask
why you didn't come in and when you can. The doctor simply goes
on to the next patient and his receptionist notes a no-show. The
patient has broken an informal contract.

In Scripture the Lord asks, "Can a mother forget her baby at
her breast and have no compassion on the child she has borne?
Though she may forget, I will not forget you" (Isaiah 49:15).

This implies a covenant is more like the bond between
parent and child than an appointment with the doctor. If a child fails
to show up at bedtime, the parent's obligation, unlike the doctor's,
isn't canceled. The parent searches for the child to make sure it is
cared for. One member's failure doesn't destroy the relationship.
God's covenant with His people is an unconditional commitment to
love and bless.

Jeremiah, the prophet, is quoted as giving distinctives of the
new covenant. "I will put them in their mind and write them in their
hearts..." (Hebrews 8:10).

There are terms for this process today. We are urged to
internalize lessons and experiences essential to good mental
health. The term used by psychologists for this is "cathect." It
means to establish certain basic precepts essential to good health.
For example, a child m ...

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