Three Responsibilities Of A Dad by Nelson Price


JESUS CHRIST used the image of a father to teach us
about God. In Matthew 5-7, He refers to Jehovah God as "God" 5
times and as "Father" 17.

Father's Day is a challenge to modern pulpits. First, it is a
challenge because not everyone present is a father. Therefore you
non-dads let me urge you also to make application of Biblical
principles that relate specifically to dads.

Young boys and single adult males listen attentively and set
your standards for a future time when you might be a dad.

Young girls and single females note qualities you should
look for in a person who might someday be the father of your

Wives pay close attention in order that you might enable
your husband to fulfill the roles now to be noted.

Dad's this is your moment when your office is spotlighted.
Resolve even before the text is expounded to apply the Biblical
principles now to be shared.

I want to share out of the handbook on fathering. My dad
used it and I endeavored to follow it. For your own good dad's and
for the benefit of your children I commend it. The handbook is the

In explaining how he had endeavored to relate to the church
in Thessalonica, the Apostle Paul used the model of a father as his
standard. Now let's use that standard as our model for fathers.

I Thessalonians 2:10 notes what kind of character must be
the basis for fulfilling the three functions of a father noted.

A dad must strive to be: DEVOTED, JUST, AND

He is to be devoted to God.

He is to be just in dealing with others.

He is to be blameless within himself.

The responsibilities of a dad are varied. "What would you do
if a burglar broke into your house?" a father of four children was

Father answered, "Out of habit, I'd get out of bed, take him
by the hand and lead him to the bathroom."

A dad is ...

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