Hale-bopp, Ufo's, And You by Nelson Price

MATTHEW 24: 3 - 8

JESUS CHRIST, in speaking of the "end times," said there
will be a time when there will be "distress of nations, with
perplexity" (Luke 21: 25).

He also promised for His followers "peace" amid this
perplexity. Keep that in mind amid present world conditions and in
light of the truths now to be reviewed. Current world conditions
makes the oasis of His promised peace all the more cherished.

There has never been a time of greater distress of nations
than presently. The interesting word used by Jesus is "perplexity."
It translates APORIA. It literally means "at wit's end," or "at a loss
as to how to proceed," or "finding no solution," or "no way out."

This distress has reached an all-time high.

"Experts" rush around the globe endeavoring to solve world
problems. They seem to leave one trouble spot only to go to
another and the smoldering fire they have just left breaks out again
before they reach the next.

Our confusion has led one leading scientist to say the world
is like an insane asylum -- run by the inmates.

Christ said there would come such a day. He also promised
to be with His people in the midst of it all -- and He will. He has
even lovingly told us some details in order to help us know what is
happening and enable us to maintain our spiritual composure. I
want to make application of three comments He shared regarding
this present age as the prelude to His coming.

With the ever-increasing spiritual delusion there is a need for
guidance. To face these uncertain days, find a Christ-centered,
Bible-teaching, ministry-oriented church and get actively involved in
it. By doing so you will find Biblical guidance that has stood the test
of time and, not simply an intriguing fad, it will exhort you to belief
in and involvement in three things:


Recently I had the exciti ...

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