Conflict Calls For Commitment by Nelson Price

MATTHEW 26: 36 - 46
JOHN 18: 1 - 12
MARK 14: 32 - 42

JESUS CHRIST's last hours on the platform of planet earth are a
model of conduct under pressure. He knew His long-awaited
"hour" had come.

He was within hours of having laid on Him "the iniquity of us all"
(Isaiah 53: 4 - 6).

He was about to bear "our sins in His own body on the cross" (I
Peter 2:24).

With the rising of the next day's sun, He would "taste death for us
all" (Hebrews 2:9).

Three expressions in our text give guidance in decision making:


Jesus left the upper room where He had shared in the Last
Supper with His disciples. He retreated to one of His favorite
places, the quiet olive grove known as Gethsemane. In coming
down from Jerusalem through the Valley of Jehosaphat, He
crossed the brook Kidron. Circumstances involved in celebrating
the Passover would have provided a full moon. The Kidron would
have been running red with the blood of over 250,000 lambs slain
in the temple--for it served as a run-off drain. This would have
reminded Jesus that He was soon to be slain as a lamb for our

Friends befriended Jesus in His last hours. A friend had
loaned Him his donkey on which to ride into Jerusalem. Another
friend allowed Him to borrow his upper room in which to celebrate
the Last Supper. This garden was doubtless owned by a friend who
had let Him use it on other occasions.

There Jesus prayed and prepared Himself for what was
ahead. We too need to equip ourselves through prayer for future
events. Jesus made a commitment in His prayer "Thy will be
done." Now He had simply to enact it.

Dedication is the ability to carry out the intent of a decision
long after the emotion that inspired it has faded.

Upon finishing His prayer, Jesus came back for the third
time to where His sleeping disciples awaited Him. He said of them,
"the spiri ...

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