A Renewed You For A New Year by Nelson Price

Nelson Price

JESUS CHRIST awaits you at the door of this new year to
guide you through it.

In the beginning of a new year we have reason to look to
Him for the guidance that all of us need. King George VI who made
popular the words of the poet Minnie Lou Haskins who said, "I said
to the man who stood at the gate of the years. Give me a light that I
might go out into the unknown. And he said, 'put your hand in the
hand of God and go out into the dark for that shall be for you better
than a light and surer than a known way'."

So as you approach a new year let me urge you to put your
hand in the hand of God and you can indeed go out into the
unknown, and that is much better than a light, a map, or a guidance
system. For Christ indeed is an onboard guidance system for those
who trust him, rely upon Him and love Him.

So as you begin a new year let me urge you to begin it with
Christ and continue therein with Him as the constant companion
and the consistent source of counsel, wisdom and guidance.

Look for no other source than Him. For parenthetically in the
year that has immediately past the 100 most prominent psychic
forecasts for the year, not one of them came true.

So let me urge to look for Him for that guidance. People look
for all other sources, places and reasons for guidance, but He is
the one. I read just recently about a minister who saw a man
standing on the street corner. The minister, a man of compassion,
approached him and slipped $2 to him and whispered the words of
consolation to him "never despair." The next day the minister was
down on that same street and that same man approached the
minister and handed him $16. The pastor said, "what's the meaning
of this." The man responded, "that means never despair, I won the
Kentucky Derby yesterday and it paid 8 to 1." Don't look for any
unknown source of counsel and guidance other t ...

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