Trophies Of Faith (9 Of 9) by Nelson Price

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HEBREWS 11:32-40

JESUS CHRIST has always had His "little flock" of faithful followers. The writer
of Hebrews realized he was running out of time and space listing those who served the
Lord during the Old Testament era. Therefore, he includes a summary statement:
"What more shall I say..." (Hebrews 11: 32).
The writer found himself in a position of a great athlete having won a prestigious
award such as the Heisman Trophy. After listing his parents, first coaches, present
coaches, and teammates he concludes by saying, "And all the others who have helped
me garner this trophy."
Our text has such a list.
This passage emphasizes the importance of having acknowledged the Old
Testament. It was the only Bible Jesus had. For highly motivating reading put the Old
Testament on your "must read" list. For that matter the entire Bible. Have you read it?
There is no special order in the listing. Representatives of three periods of
Israel's history are included.
Representing the period of the Judges is Gideon, Barak, Samson, and Jepthah.
Representing the period of Kings is David.
Representing the period of the Prophets is Samuel.
The uncommon common bond between them is FAITH. That is the single
characteristic they had in common. Let's allow each to
bear witness to the importance of faith.
Faith is the element in life that prompts action. Faith is believing in a potential
and acting in confidence on that belief.
People of faith believed it was possible for man to walk on the moon. It was
considered a dream of lunacy by some. No pun intended. Others acted on faith and it
was done.
No man had ever run a mile in less than four minutes. A British runner believed it
possible while others argued its impossibility. Roger Bannister took the blocks with faith
he could do it and he did it.
Alexander Graham Bell, a man every teenager owes a debt of gratitude, believed
persons se ...

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