Faith Is Consistent And Persistent (5 Of 9) by Nelson Price

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HEBREWS 11:8-10

JESUS CHRIST said, "Before Abraham was I AM..." (John 8:58).
He spoke of His own eternal nature in using the term "I AM." By
applying the title "ego eimi," "I AM," to Himself Jesus is saying "I
am Jehovah-Jesus." This was the very title by which Jehovah God
identified Himself to Moses when He told Moses to say Who sent
him to deliver Israel from Egyptian slavery: "Say unto the children
of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you" (Exodus 3: 4).

This is one of the clearest occasions in Scripture where Jesus
claims to be God. His claim to be God is what motivated them to
want to execute Him for what they considered blasphemy.

This declaration is a confirmation of the faith of Abraham and thus
commended that type of faith to us.

An aspiring young baseball player who wants to learn to hit .350
will never do it by studying four .100 hitters. If he wants to learn to
hit .350 he would be wise to study a .375 hitter. If you want to learn
how to develop a strong faith study Abraham. Let's!

What kind of faith did Abraham have? It was:


We can live one of two ways. We can live by sight, the empirical
way or we can live by faith.

Stephen, in commending the faith walk, began by showing how
Abraham had obeyed God because of his faith. Because of his
faith, he put his trust in God and left his comfortable homeland and
accepted God's promises of blessings as though they were fulfilled
(Acts 7:2-5).

Paul, in asserting his thesis of justification by faith, used Abraham
as a peerless example (Romans 4). Seventy-four times the New
Testament refers to this man of faith.

God did not call Abraham because he had great faith. His call was
an occasion for Abraham expressing faith. He was a pagan
worshiping heathen gods when called.

In the Greek "when he was called" is a present participle which
literally means "whe ...

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