Do You Have Faith Like Noah? (4 Of 9) by Nelson Price

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JESUS CHRIST said, "But as the days of Noah were, so also will
the coming of the Son of Man be" (Matthew 24:37).

Jesus believed in the Biblical account of Noah. That is reason
enough for me to believe it also.

For some sophisticates Noah is merely a legendary character and
the ark and animals fit for nothing but a children's coloring book.
Though some feel the account too naive to believe a growing
segment of the scientific community is persuaded it is actual

A study of Noah's faith in an hour of unfaithfulness can also be a
stimulus to our faith.

His faith in obeying God's word and building the ark shows the
inseparability of faith and obedience. Noah's faith went beyond and
even contradicted common sense. Noah, in faith, received a divine
revelation, heeded it, and built an ark, even against normal
reasoning. His construction of a boat on high dry land resulted in
ridicule. This doubtless ranged from raucous laughter to friendly
and not-so-friendly jibes.

When the waters came ridicule changed to anguish and pleading
which was soon quieted by choking waters. Noah's faith and
obedience became judgment on his accusers who would not

It took faith for Noah to believe God. It takes faith to believe the
account of Noah, the ark, and the flood. However, there are ever
increasing evidences supportive of the flood which should stimulate
our faith.

For example, such a flood would have to deposit large amounts of
sedimentation throughout the world. It has been scientifically
estimated that 75% of the earth's surface is sedimentary in nature.
In America it is found in great quantities in such varied places as
California, the Colorado plateau, and the great plains of the

In India sedimentary deposits are 60,000 feet deep.

Geologists have found scores of sedimentary deposits throughout
the world w ...

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