State Of The Church - Ii Timothy 4:1-4 by Nelson Price

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II TIMOTHY 4: 1 - 4

JESUS CHRIST said, "I will build my church..." It is HIS church.
It is the only institution on earth that has divine origin.
The church exists by His grace to reach, teach, win, and develop
Today's church lives in changing culture. As a result some are
placing more emphasis on style than on substance. Some have
become so seeker sensitive they have lost consciousness of God's
calling. Methods change, but the message must not. The reason is
explained in II Timothy 4: 3,4.
The role of the minister has expanded. In 1960 the American
pastor had five major roles. In 1985 this had grown to nine.
Today the pastor is expected to fulfill 14 different major
roles. I must concede, with gratitude to the Lord for the joy of
trying, it is impossible for any pastor not to have an area of
weakness among these 14 roles.
As a result, I and every pastor know himself to be vulnerable.
It is a fortunate pastor who serves with understanding and
accepting members such as constitute this membership in general.
If at any moment in any church an element decides to exploit an
area of weakness, the pastor is vulnerable. When this happens, a
feeding frenzy results that can consume any pastor. The pastor
gets diverted from the primary role of ministry to a defense
mode, and the church suffers. The pastor, or all people,
mustkeep in focus the reason for the church in society.
My humanity shows more often that I might like. I make mistakes.
Those who expect a perfect pastor will live disappointed in me.
I want to call your attention to one reason I make mistakes.
When coach John Wooden was active he was aske ...

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