With All Your Heart by Nelson Price

JESUS CHRIST deserves energetic and enthusiastic followers. You
have friends awaiting an example of an exuberant follower of
Christ. You are the best Christian somebody knows.
Are you regressive and depressive or
aggressive and expressive?
Before the completion of the New Testament texts, people were
won to faith in Christ and faithfully followed Him not because
of a passage of stirring Scripture, but because of a person of
spiritual stability. They still are.
Uncowering and uncompromising confidence in and commitment to
Christ attracted others to Him. It still does.
Let's return to an authentic spiritual El Dorado of golden
truth. As explorers sought a treasure of gold called El Dorado,
we have found in Colossians 3: 23 a veritable gold mind of
spiritual truth deserving our further exploration. Explorers
searched the Amazon basin for the fanciful treasures of gold
that defied imagination. In Colossians 3: 23 we have a main vein
of Spiritual truth. It speaks of - - -

I.ACTIONS "Whatsoever you DO..."
Christianity is an active faith. Ours is a society of active
The average 25 year old American worker has over 100,000 working
hours to go before age 65. The attitude with which those hours
are approached and spent will make all the difference in the
world in the pleasure and productivity associated.
Let me remind you again of the words of o ...

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