Faithful Unto Death by Nelson Price

JESUS CHRIST is appropriately spoken of as "the faithful
witness" (Rev. 1: 5).
As your mind scans His life from the wilderness temptations to
the last agonizing utterance from the cross, He is observed to
be faithful.
An appeal for faithfulness in an era when commitment is uncommon
may seem futile. However, in every age there are those who break
free from the norm of the time and faithfully forget themselves
into immortality. With the banner of uncommitment flying over
the castle of many hearts there are still those who are willing
to pay the price for being faithful.
Breaking ranks with the common drummer of youth are many
courageous young people who are dauntlessly devoted to Christ.
With the erosion of the foundations of the family there are
those who still mean it when they say "until death do us part."
In the fields of commerce and industry, where compromise and a
lack of commitment abound, there are those who faithfully remain
loyal to our Lord.
With virtually all forms of entertainment encouraging
noncommitment and depicting unfaithfulness, many are being swept
into the vortex of the sewer of self-indulgence. That makes
those who dare swim against the tide and remain faithful all the
more admirable.
The word "faithful", in summary, speaks of persons setting their
priorities and sticking by them. It is a bold declaration of
"Here I stand. I can do none else." It is a structuring of ones

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