Is Yours A Hurtfelt Faith? by Nelson Price

JESUS CHRIST has given peace and contentment to individuals amid
all types of adversities in all ages. There has never been a
person who didn't need a spiritual keel to give them balance, a
rudder to guide them, and a sail to empower them. As these items
are to a ship so He is to a life.
The marvel is that He has been sufficient for every need in
every era. He is now as He was then the all sufficient Christ.
Come back with me to a culture as carnal as ours in a day as
spiritually dark as ours. I stood in the vastness of the ruins
of the Roman Colosseum as my memory resurrected my limited
knowledge of that place in an earlier time. Join me there now.
Across the arena can be seen a recession in the seating. It is
provided as a platform for special seating for the emperor and
his eminent entourage. The place has a name carried over into
our vocabulary. It is called the "podium" meaning a place of
honor. Here will be seated the Emperor Caesar.
To your left is a grand arched portal known as the PORTA
SANAVIVARIA, the "door of health and life." Momentarily the
gladiator's procession will enter through that imposing door.
To your right is another arched portal known as the PORTA
LIBERTINA, the "door of the goddess of corpse."
Every gladiator or victim that enters will exit either the PORTA
SANAVIVARIA, as a victor, or the PORTA LIBERTINA, as a
corpse. As they await in the colonnades they can hear ...

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