It's War! Where Is That Field Officer? by Nelson Price

PROVERBS 5: 22, 23
JESUS CHRIST loved little children. He valued them. Those who
have had the mantle of "dad" placed on their shoulders are
positioned to give the kind of loving care that Jesus showed
when he rebuffed His disciples and ordered them to let the
little children come to Him.
The role of parent is a strategic office. Today's focus is on
In an elementary school children were encouraged to bring their
fathers to class with them on a certain day and to be prepared
to tell a bit about his life and work. On that special day one
dad showed-up. Child after child told of the successes and
wonders of their dad. It could have been an embarrassing moment
for the child whose dad was present. Her dad was a hard working
hard luck man. His successes had been few and his title nil.
When it came time for his little girl to speak of her dad,
hesitatingly she said, "My dad - - - my dad - - - he's here!" A
murmur went though the class as though an intriguing rare fossil
had just been displayed. The other children were delighted and
amazed that a dad had actually come to their class. The class
responded to that shy little girl like a very special person
because she was so important that her dad came.
Of all the things America's children need to be able to say
today one is: "My dad, he's here!" Missing from many American
homes is the dad. Even many of those who are there have
forfeited the function of dad.

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